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  • Style Q&A with Herschelle Gibbs

    This weeks Style Q&A features our newest Aficionado, Herschelle Gibbs. Just in case you’re not aware of who Herschelle is, here’s a brief bio from the man himself: Cricketer and aspiring golfer. I love that Herschelle describes himself in such straight forward terms but there’s definitely more to this story that he tells. If you […]

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  • Wearable fashion items are unwearable

    Wearable Technology Fashion

    I’ve been contemplating the idea of wearable fashion items for a while now. When it comes to socks, there’s not much in the way of technological innovation happening but maybe there should be. Then today I came across an interesting article that easily voiced my thoughts on the concept of wearable technology becoming fashion. It […]

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  • Style Q&A with Dion Chang

    Dion Chang Cycling

    This week we kick of our Style Q&A with the man who became the very first NicSocks Aficionado and constantly leads the way in fashion and trends in SA, Dion Chang (owner and CEO of Flux Trends). Nic: What is your favourite item of clothing? Dion: My Zeppelin jeans by Religion Nic: What is the oldest item […]

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  • Iron a shirt in 90 seconds

    Ironing a shirt in 90 seconds

    I absolutely hate ironing my shirts. The main reason is because I don’t really know how to iron a shirt the perfect way. GQ has a fantastic little video showing you how to iron a shirt in 90 seconds if you’re going to be wearing a jacket with it. The main tip here would be […]

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  • Style Q&A – Brett Rogers


    This week we interview the incredibly stylish and heavily tattooed Brett Rogers. Brett Rogers is the Alpha behind HalfWolf: @halfwolf_za, He has a radio show called The Unveiling on Luckie Entertainment which you can listen to at, You can read his mens grooming articles at He dresses nicely and does lots of things […]

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  • What shoes should you wear with your suit?

    shoes and suits

    The Traditional Dress Shoe This is the obvious choice and holds a classic esteem. But often the dress shoe is quite plain and mundane for a fantastic suit. If you are going to choose a traditional dress shoe for your suit then you’re going to have to make sure that you’re wearing the right colour […]

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  • Style Q&A – Kojo Baffoe


    This week’s Style Q&A is with the ever-stylish Kojo Baffoe. Editor of the men’s business and lifestyle magazine, DESTINY Man, Kojo Baffoe is an editor, writer, poet and entrepreneur with origins in Ghana and Germany, raised in Lesotho, and based in Johannesburg. Nic: What is your favourite item of clothing? Kojo: It’s constantly changing and rarely […]

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  • Fashion vs Style – A Short Manifesto


    Fashion is what the world tells you to wear. Fashion is what is trending because the higher-ups spent money advertising a look that you desperately want (Zara and others like it). Fashionable is defined by a few and copied by many. It’s what the magazines tell you is cool, relevant and worth buying. Fashion is […]

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  • Style Q&A with Jon Savage

    Jon Savage Style

    Jon Savage is currently one of the NicSocks Aficionados. We like him. We like his style and wanted to find out more about the way he dresses and a few other things. So we started a Style Q&A. This is a new feature that we’ll be doing as often as we can. Jon is the […]

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  • Comfortable And Stylish Baby Socks


    A few weeks back we launched our first range of women’s socks. Today we’re happy to announce that we’ve added a small but amazingly stylish range of baby socks to our offering. The timing couldn’t be better with the holidays coming and new parents popping up all over the place. The socks are made from primarily […]

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  • And the winner of the Hermanus competition is…


    Thandokazi Mtshekisa Thank you to everyone who entered. You’ll be receiving an email soon with a bonus for having entered! To recap the prizes that Thandokazi has won: A two night stay at the Windsor hotel in Hermanus. Dinner for two at La Pentola. A whale watching boat ride for two. This is the first […]

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  • You don’t dress yourself, even if you think you do

    Crazy Men's outfits

    Men don’t realise that they aren’t dressing themselves. It’s incredibly difficult to step out of the norm when it comes to men’s fashion. If you’re a women you get to be expressive, creative and extreme if you choose it. Almost no one would judge you for wearing short shorts to a night club, a pant […]

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  • The Casual Suit

    Casual Suits for men

    For ages suits have been a formal, uptight and stiff item for men all over. But there is a casual suit. A suit so fantastic that it allows you to feel a little more dressed up than denims or chinos but informal enough to take to an afternoon drink, casual dinner or walk down the […]

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  • Men’s dress codes, decoded

    The shorts suit

    The dress codes for men have become laughably confusing. What is the difference between smart, casual, smart-casual, formal and black tie? Who the hell knows anymore. I’ve been invited to weddings with a smart-casual dress code, awards evenings with a formal dress code and parties with black tie instructions. It’s hard for a guy to […]

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  • The hidden patterns of the fashion world on Instagram

    Fashion Graph Instagram

    Instagram is an amazing network filled with millions upon millions of photos. Many of these are photos of fashion people, fashion items and fashionistas in every sense of the word. But it’s tough to get a good idea of who’s who in the world of fashion when it comes to Instagram accounts. No longer. Quartz […]

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  • How to make the perfect pocket square: The two-point fold

    Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 3.18.04 PM

    This is the momentous fifth article in our How To Pocket Square series. We’ve had some incredible pocket squares up so far: The Astaire, The Cagney, The Cooper and The One-Point Fold. We’re upgrading the One-Point Fold in this, the sixth How To Pocket Square by adding a point to the mix. Here we have […]

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  • Why We Launched Women’s Socks


    For the first part of the NicSocks journey I focused solely on men’s socks. I’m passionate about the fact that men don’t have as much choice as women do when it comes to fashion. You can walk into any retail outlet and sift through a ton (a literal ton) of women’s fashion items. Then you […]

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  • Jimmy Kimmel mocks Fashion Week

    Fashion Week Jimmy Kimmel

    It’s really tough to keep in touch with the latest trends and happenings in the fashion world. New York Fashion Week happened recently and brought with it an entirely douche-filled group of fashion idiots who believe that you have to follow to lead. That’s not what we’r about. That’s not what fashion is. Fashion is […]

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  • Win 2 nights in Hermanus, Whale Watching & Dinner with NicSocks!


    Today we’re launching our first big competition on NicSocks. All you have to do is head over to the competition page, enter your email address and then share your entry link with your friends. The more people who enter using your link, the more chance you have to win! The prizes are pretty impressive (if we […]

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  • 5 Looks to Follow from Nautica’s 2015 Fall/Winter Collection at New York Fashion Week


    Nautica has an amazing collection of sailing inspired apparel and their Fall/Winter collection is no different. New York Fashion Week is an incredible period in fashion calendar and this year did not disappoint. The specific Nautica aesthetic isn’t for everyone but if you’re into this sort of thing, you’ll be amazed at the below looks:

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  • NicSocks Launches Women’s Socks


    Up until this point, NicSocks has worked hard to specialise in socks for men. However, since we launched we’ve had women from all over the world ask us for their own socks. We’re extremely happy to announce that our very first women’s socks are live. I worked really hard on a variety of sock designs […]

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  • How to make the perfect pocket square: The one-point fold

    One Point Fold Pocket Square

    This is the fourth instalment of our How To Pocket Square series. Previously we features The Astaire, The Cagney, The Cooper and now it’s time for The One-Point Fold pocket square. The One-Point fold is exactly what it says it is; a single point of your pocket square will artfully pop out of your top […]

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  • Top Billing Winner Announced!

    It’s been one helluva week here at NicSocks. We were featured on Top billing, we’ve had lots of amazing people contact us, become sockaholics and join the family of sock enthusiasts. We can finally announce that the winner of the Top Billing 6 Month sock giveaway is: Sello Mokhothu Here’s a little bit about Sello: […]

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  • Is the Apple Watch a Fashion Accessory?

    The Apple Watch Fashion

    There has been a lot of hype over the past few weeks and building up to last night’s announcement of the Apple Watch. Looking at the video above, there’s a chance that the Apple Watch won’t be the ugly step sister of the timeless time keepers of old. Yes, there were also announcements about an […]

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  • Socks on Top Billing!

    Nico Pinagio Socks

    We made it. NicSocks has made it onto TV with thanks to Top Billing. If you missed the insert on Thursday night last week then fear not. We’ve finally got the full insert from the Top Billing Youtube page. You can see me walk Nico Pinagio through the factory where our socks are made, the […]

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  • Jack Nicholson talks about Missing Socks in Hearburn

    In a question as old as time (and one we saw BlackAdder talk about last week), Jack Nicholson asks where 400 000 000 missing socks go in America. Heartburn came out in 1986 and also stars Meryl Streep. But seriously, where on Earth do all of those missing socks go?

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  • We’ve found your socks… This Great Dane ate them.

    Great Dane Sock Stomach

    The Guardian reports that a Great Dane was hospitalised after eating 43 socks. FORTY THREE SOCKS! That’s a helluva lot of socks. I imagine that if this Great Dane, along with all the others in the world, were to consume 43 socks over a period of time, they’d account for many of the lost socks […]

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  • NicSocks makes a TV debut on Top Billing

    Top Billing Socks

    Tonight (September 4th), NicSocks will make it’s TV debut to a massive audience on Top Billing! We’re extremely excited to have been filmed and featured a few weeks ago. The shoot was pretty brutal and quite intense. I walked through our factory explaining how we make  socks, how bamboo yarn is made and where we […]

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  • Where are my socks? Blackadder the Third

    Blackadder Socks

    Hugh Laurie and Rowan Atkinson are comedy greats. Blackadder is one of the all time great comedies to have been produced and of course, they do a skit about socks! In a situation that everyone has faced, this skit asks “Where are my socks?” while Hugh Laurie plays Prince George who’s missing his socks.

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  • How to make the perfect pocket square: The Cooper


    In our third instalment of the How To Pocket Square series we pick out The Cooper as our focus. We’ve previously had The Astaire Pocket Square and The Cagney Pocket Square. The Cooper is named after the actor Gary Cooper (pictured above).

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  • Tenacious D will rock your socks off

    Tenacious D Socks

    Tenacious D are not only hard core rockers but were visionaries singing about socks before they became popular. Jack Black is not known for his sense of style but the man sure does know how to rock your socks off!

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  • Shop in your closet before you shop in a store

    Men's Clothing Closet

    Too many of us fall prey to the forces of retail therapy. We insist of churning out our wardrobe every so often and keeping the machine going by spending our hard earned money on another new pair of blue jeans that are slightly skinnier/baggier/bluer/demin-ier. It can become unbearable and extremely expensive to stay up to […]

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  • NicSocks walking through the Whitehouse


    It’s very rare for a fashion item with as much personality as a NicSocks Sock to be seen anywhere near the WhiteHouse, let alone on the actual grounds. One of our very loyal fans snapped a picture of The Checkerboard NicSocks strolling through the WhiteHouse. If you look at the photo above you’ll see the […]

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  • Arctic Monkeys Sing About Knee Socks

    It seems like the Arctic Monkeys can sign about anything and make it sexy and catchy. Lucky for us, they chose to sing about a lady and her knee socks. The guitar riff being played by Alex Turner while he sings is just incredible. The fact that he can do both of those things at […]

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  • Louis CK Can’t Put On His Socks

    Louis CK Socks

    I’m a huge fan of Louis CK. I think the man is a veritable comedic genius. He plays out of his boots with this skit about putting on his socks. In a very large nutshell; Louis hates putting on his socks because he’s too fat to do it. But you can watch the video and […]

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  • Cat Wears Socks and Forgets How To Walk

    Cat in Socks

    Last week we featured dogs wearing socks. This week it’s the turn of the cat. This hilarious video features a cat wearing socks of some kind. The cat has absolutely no idea how to walk wearing socks.

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  • The story of the missing socks

    Missing Sock

    A few years ago there was a fantastic advert on TV that followed a single sock on an epic adventure. The short advert was a very funny depiction of where socks go when their owners think they’re “missing”. Truth be told, this is where I hope my missing socks go.  

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  • How to make the perfect pocket square: The Cagney

    In our first Pocket Square How To, we helped you figure out The Astaire Pocket Square. Four steps to stardom that was. But now it’s time we move onto the slightly more complicated Cagney. It’s a seven step process but bare with it because the final results are fantastic.

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  • How to make up the perfect pocket square: The Astaire

    Pocket squares are tricky little things but can really make a man stand out in a crowd. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to run a series of articles on how to make up various types of pocket squares. We’re going to be starting with The Astaire and move on from there. So here goes:

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  • How to fold your socks when traveling

    How to Fold your Socks when traveling

    For years, it appears, I’ve been folding my socks incorrectly. When you travel, socks are one of those things that you forget about and end up throwing into your bag just before you head out of the door to rush to your flight because you’re late, obviously. In this video, the CrazyRussianHacker does a fantastic […]

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  • How to tie a bow tie

    Bow Tie - the How To

    This little fashion accessory has been the downfall of many a man (including those in Downton Abbey I can assure you, why do you think they have valets?!) but it’s time to figure out how to to a bow tie. It’s not as complicated as you might think. Here’s a great graphic from Conor Whelan: […]

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  • Dogs wearing socks

    Socks are serious business around these parts. Except when you put them on animals. A dog wearing socks is one of the strangest and most humorous sights you will ever see. Most often dogs need to wear socks if they’ve had something happen to their paws. When that does occur, the owner might feel bad […]

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  • The different types of shirt collars

    Formal Shirt Collars

    It’s not easy to dress up these days. You have a lot of decisions to make and they can often make or break an outfit. One of the most important but under-appreciated choices is the formal shirt collar. Many men wont actually be able to decipher the different options available when it comes to collar […]

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  • Fun Sock Fridays


    It’s time to take wearing Fun Socks to a new height. Every Friday I like to go all out, balls to the wall, colour to the floor, so to speak. I put on the loudest, craziest pair of socks I can find. The strangest thing happens when I do that…I start to feel happier. I […]

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  • Different Length Of Your Pants Can Make Or Break Your Look


    I’ve often sat at a bar, or any public place really and wondered what looked odd about that guy across the way. Is it the jacket that doesn’t really work with his outfit? Is it the shoes that are too big (sometimes) or could it just be the guy is funny looking? Recently I realised […]

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  • Fragrant Fashion – Your Scent Makes A Difference


    Fashion is about clothing, that’s true. But you experience fashion and people with more than a single sense. In fact, I’d argue that you probably do a lot more smelling and touching when you are shopping once you’ve had a quick look at the garmant. It’s important to remember this when you’re dressing. It’s not […]

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  • 5 Accessories To Match with Your Socks That Will Help You Get Noticed

    Wearing loud and crazy socks is a great way to make yourself smile in the morning when you’re getting dressed. But sometimes it can be tricky to mentally justify the craziness in relation to the rest of your wardrobe and outfit for the day. Here are some quick tips on items that you can wear […]

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  • The New Custom Swag – Designer Socks

    Custom Sock Swag

    We’ve all attended conferences, office events, corporate gigs and a variety of other happenings that inevitably end in a little bag of swag. Just in case you’re wondering what swag is: You know those branded goodies inside of that little bag you get when you leave an event? That’s swag. That useless pen that never […]

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  • Your Next Bithday Suit Needs A Sexy Pair Of Socks


    There are all sorts of suits in the world but one of the oldest and one of the all-time most worn suits in the history of the world must be the Birthday Suit. Just in case you’re not sure what the Birthday Suit is, here’s a short description from Urban Dictionary: having no clothes or […]

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  • Colourful Sock Packs


    Socks are a wondrous accessory for anyone trying to stand out in the crowd (literally). We like to make sure that everyone who wants our socks can get them on their terms. A lot of people love our sock subscription options and some like to buy their socks one by one in our sock shop. […]

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